One of the most exciting ways to get involved with our ministry is to sponsor a resident here at the Timothy House.  Our program is not a free program and that means, unfortunately, there are men that are unable to get the help they desire.  If you choose “Donation” on the home page the money will go towards our regular operating expenses.  If you choose “Weekly Sponsor” the money will be applied towards the weekly tuition of one of our residents who is behind. If you choose “Sponsorship Entry Fee” you have the option to make a note as to whom you would like it to apply to, or we can apply it to bring in a man who would otherwise not be able to afford it.  If you choose to Sponsor a Resident we  will not  let the  recipient  know who  chose to give  on their behalf, but we will share with 
them that someone cares enough about them and their recovery to give their hard-earned money.  This is a very exciting thing to be able to share with someone in recovery.  They just light up when they realize that somebody cares!  It is also a great way to share the love of Jesus.
Thank you for being patient with us while we continue to work on our website.  There are so many ways that you can get involved here at the Timothy House.  Of course one of the obvious ways is through monetary donations.  The Timothy House is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  All donations made to this ministry are greatly appreciated and tax deductible.  Listed below are several other ways that you can get involved in this ministry of helping men have victory over addiction so that they can be better sons, fathers, husbands, and brothers.  Thank you again for your patience as we update our website.
  • Cash donations- Cash is always something that we lack. 
    • Sponsor a resident- Sponsorship Entry Fee Donation Weekly Sponsor 195.00

       Our program, like most, is not a free program.  We come in contact with men on a regular basis who don’t have any financial support to enter our program.  You can help by being a financial sponsor for a man who would otherwise not be able to enroll in our program or who is behind on his fees.

  •  Donate essential goods
    • From shampoo and soap to milk and bread there are tons of items that you might have around the house or could easily pick up at your local grocery store.
  • Donate a vehicle
  • Buy us a Gift Card
    • We shop every week at Kroger, Wal-Mart, and Dollar Tree.  If you want to help but are not sure how buying a gift card is an easy way
  • Donate scrap metal
  • If your not able or comfortable giving online, you can always contact us at 706-253-5840  or call          Mrs. Nancy at 770-324-4994 and she can help you process a payment. Thank You!

God bless you for your gift!