The Timothy House is a Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program.  The residents enrolled in our program are required to participate fully in the program in order to stay enrolled.  During the First Phase of our Program the residents are required to attend two group counseling sessions per week counselor for a total of five hours per week.  In addition to these groups the resident will also attend  and a Wednesday night class and Celebrate Recovery meetings on Fridays.  All of these group meetings are held here at our facility with the Celebrate Recovery meeting being off property.


During his stay here at the Timothy House the resident will also have community involvement in the form of community service and community events.  We volunteer at a local Thrift Store, Food Bank and Healthcare Clinic.  


Of course our main focus is to teach the resident how to overcome their addiction through education and practical skills that they can employ on a daily basis.  Another one of our goals is to teach the individual how to give back to their community and to be a productive member of that community.
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